According to data from REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais, last January electricity consumption beat the daily record of 11 years ago.

When designing its homes, Ponto Urbano aims to improve the energy efficiency of your home, resulting in reduced consumption. Energy efficient and sustainable dwelling easily achieves comfort levels with low energy consumption, encourages environmentally responsible behaviour, increasing the quality and habitability of the building.

It is essential to adapt the building to local environmental characteristics, and sun exposure is one of the elements to consider as this is the main source of energy (thermal and lighting), playing a key role in lower energy consumption.

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At Ponto Urbano we see Energy Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility as a priority, creating efficient and sustainable homes, thus adding value to the property and encouraging responsible consumption.

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So that there are no doubts when choosing your new home, we present you 5 factors to consider for a more efficient home:

  • Correct thermal insulation of exterior walls and roof;
  • Installation of efficient thermal cut windows;
  • Spaces with good exposure to natural light;
  • Installation of solar/photovoltaic panels;
  • Choice of low consumption appliances and light bulbs.

Stimulating the practice of more efficient consumption is the first step we have taken to reduce electricity consumption.


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