Hand in hand with the future, we discuss renewable energies

Ponto Urbano continues its path towards sustainability, both in construction and in the brand itself.

With a headquarters building and an electric fleet that prioritise sustainability, Ponto Urbano hosted an event on Renewable Energies.

The workshop highlighted the COMSOLVE and EV4ENEy initiatives.

The various presentations shed light on their role in each of the parties, which aim to bring the sharing of energy consumption produced in buildings and the charging of electric cars to cities and their buildings.

COMSOLVE is a consortium of 4 organisations. Digitalmente, the Telecommunications Institute, Magnum Cap and Coopérnico. The aim is to create a Renewable Energy Community in Ílhavo that is able to produce, consume and trade energy. Each of the 4 entities has an activity in the consortium.

The previous consortium is joined by EV4ENEy. Composed by Magnum Cap and the Telecommunications Institute, it offers solutions such as the Building Energy Management System, Bidirectional Stationary Battery System, V2X Charger and a Mobile Application where, for example, it is possible to have information about a charger and the summary of charging sessions.

“At Ponto Urbano we want to reinterpret building systems by emphasising the contribution that construction techniques make to sustainable development. We hope that, in the short term, the concept of “sustainability” will be demystified throughout Europe and that it will be implemented quickly, in order to make the entire construction sector truly more sustainable.”, concludes Paulo Martins.