Life is made of dreams, but also of realities. Having your dream house can be, without a doubt, real! Are you looking for the house you have always dreamed of? Find it at Ponto Urbano!

Some say that “there is no accounting for taste”, but it is true that there are common ambitions when the subject is the search for the dream home. However, there are criteria that have become increasingly valued. This is where Ponto Urbano differentiates itself by presenting you with projects in which these characteristics are conceived in detail, as every detail counts to simplify your day to day life, making it a unique experience.

So if you are looking for a new home, at Ponto Urbano you can count on factors such as good location, great sun exposure, terraces or balconies, materials of excellent quality and durability, good insulation, garage, among others.

In addition to these, Ponto Urbano buildings also have home automation systems. These are a simple concept with great advantages for those who live there: from security to comfort, convenience, savings and energy efficiency. All you need is the internet to be able to control everything with a click! This is a reality that allows you to control and interconnect various systems such as lighting, air conditioning, alarms, alarm clocks, e-map, IR control (infrared), windows, blinds, locks, weather, multimedia, energy resources, irrigation systems and video intercom.

The new Ponto Urbano institutional video shows that it is possible to find your dream home. The slogan “A Union for Life” represents the brand’s commitment to its future. The rigor in design and the quality of construction are the pillars that drive Ponto Urbano.

Your dream home is just one step away! Have a look!


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