As temperatures rise, homes heat up more than is desirable, so it is essential, in order to ensure our well-being and comfort, to know how to keep the house cool on warmer days.

We suggest some tips that can help you keep your home cooler:

1. Windows, blinds and doors

To keep your home cool on hotter days, it is best to close your windows, blinds, and doors during those hottest hours. Ideally, you should open them only at night, when temperatures drop more and become cooler.

This way, you avoid letting sunlight and, consequently, hot air directly into your home, thus not creating a “greenhouse effect”. You can, for example, close your blinds, avoiding direct sunlight, but leave the windows open to run air.

2. Use Plants

Having plants scattered around your home can help keep it cooler. Plants will help humidify your home’s environment, causing the temperature to drop, however, be careful when choosing.

You can place the plants in the windows or on the balcony, acting as a direct barrier to sunlight, creating your own little indoor garden, whether in an apartment or villa.

3. Compact fluorescent or LED lamps

Incandescent bulbs not only give off more heat, but waste almost 90% of energy. By opting for compact fluorescent or LED bulbs, you are saving more and keeping your home more airy and cool.

4. Cooking meals that require the oven

The oven and stove give off a lot of heat. To keep your home cooler, avoid turning on the oven and stove for too long. Bet on foods that don’t require this equipment, or even grilling, outside your home.

5. Walls with light colors

Bet on light-colored walls in your house because, besides having implications on natural lighting, they can also influence the interior temperature. There are colors that contribute to the increase of temperature, dark and strong colors absorb more light and generate more heat.

This principle is the same for the clothes you wear. If you choose darker clothes, you will absorb more heat. With your house it is the same thing, “dress” it with softer and lighter colors.

These tips, which we suggest, can help you make your home cooler during these hot summer days, making your daily life more comfortable and functional.

Apply them and make your home your personal oasis, even on the hottest days.


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