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Buying or renting is still a question for many residents and although the national market leans towards the first option, the scenario over the years has changed. The differences between the two options mean very different paths in your future. Renting a home inherently means paying to occupy a space that does not belong to you, but to someone else. The option may be attractive in some cases, such as young university students looking for their first home.

Buying a house is to pay for something that will be yours, a way to enrich your patrimony and, guarantee stability and security. When we talk about buying a property, the initial reaction is usually the lack of available capital. In many cases, this conclusion is based on a lack of information.

The question then arises, when is the best time to buy a house? The answer is simple, there is no perfect moment, however, the ideal real estate consultant, who accompanies you in the process can make all the difference.

We leave five benefits to consider at the time of decision:

1. Patrimony

When you buy a property you are building patrimony, an investment that lasts for your future, over which you have absolute control.

2. Appreciation perspective

A property is an asset that has multiple applications, in which if you eventually choose to acquire it, this gives the immediate possibility of habitation, lease or resale. Freedom is an appealing aspect, considering the rates of return in the market. If the oscillation proves to be effective, you will get back the amount initially invested or even make a profit.

3. Security and housing stability

Investing in the purchase of a property is a long-term investment for the rest of your life. Whoever buys a house does so with the intention of enjoying it for a long period of time, a choice that brings greater stability, since the owner will have greater power of decision with regard to its permanence.

4. Customisable investment

When buying a house, you will have the possibility to manage your space as you wish, you can consider aspects such as the number of bedrooms, having or not a garage, the choice of location, among others. You will have the opportunity to manage the rooms with the configuration that goes according to your needs and preferences, without any kind of restrictions.

In case you want to remodel the interior space, you will also not have to obtain previous authorization, as happens in rented houses. The changes to your taste can be implemented autonomously.

In case you want to take your customization to a higher level, you can opt to buy a house in plan (link to last month’s article). Some building companies even give you the possibility to make structural changes.

5. Lower instalment

In case of purchase, the instalment of a housing loan is usually lower than the rent of a rented house. Even considering the current low interest rates, which increase the difference, the instalments are usually lower than the rent.

Ponto Urbano has the knowledge, experience and a team of specialists to guide you through the buying process and make your dream come true.

If you still have any doubts, talk to us!

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